Looking for a golden piece of art glass imbuing the majestic beauty of the sun in the late afternoon? Then look no further than the orange glass ornaments section.
Here you will find every single piece of glass that has even a mere speckle of orange colouration. Made by some real heavy-hitters of the art glass world with more accolades than you could shake a stick at. They are supremely talented glass masters and every glass item is handmade to perfection.
From Atomic Tangerine to Gamboge, you will find every conceivable shade of orange glass ornament here for your delectation. A little bit of bottled golden sunshine and shimmering rays just for you.
Also check out yellow glass ornaments if you are looking for something Amber or Gold and visit red glass ornaments if you are seekings something more tangelo or vermilion. Hopefully, you should be able to find something perfect in just the right shade of orange you were looking for.
You will receive Free shipping if you live in the UK and we can deliver anywhere in the world. Just ask.

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  • Amber (25)

  • Aqua (13)

  • Black (35)

  • Blue (119)

  • Brown (36)

  • Clear (43)

  • Cream (1)

  • Gold (28)

  • Green (87)

  • Grey (6)

  • Multicolour (74)

  • Orange (238)

  • Pink (44)

  • Purple (46)

  • Red (91)

  • Silver (2)

  • Teal (4)

  • Turquoise (8)

  • White (15)

  • Yellow (101)

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