GlassMOA glass

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GlassMOA glass is a group of talented artists from the Czech Republic, where they handcraft beautiful Art Nouveau style glass vases and ornaments.

Art Nouveau is a decorative style that rose to popularity in the 1890 and early 1900’s. Many years have passed since its introduction, yet Art Nouveau has an enduring captivation.

The Czech Republic has a very long tradition in the production of glass. Indeed, the gorgeous pieces by GlassMOA glass artists are inspired by the masterpieces of the great Czech artist Johann Loetz.

Johann Loetz founded the company Loetz – the foremost manufacturer for bohemian art glass during the Art Nouveau period. Loetz glass became famous for its innovative techniques, organic forms, and bold use of colour.

Glass Moa glass art is also inspired by the work of the American artist Louis Tiffany. Louis was another major figure in the Art Nouveau movement. Tiffany’s decorative style continues to be highly prized around the globe.

GlassMOA glass artists, take great pride and inspiration from their Czech heritage in glass making. They use a variety of techniques and styles to create their highly decorative glass vases and ornaments.