Jane Reeves Glass artist graduated from Bath Academy of Art in 1987, Jane entered into theatre publishing and illustration.  She then ventured into painting but discovered a love of glass.

Over time Jane has refected the technique of using glass powders to produce an image likened to that of a painting.

Jane also uses enamel paints that fuse when fired in a kiln. They conduct themselves in a similar way to acrylic paints, are water based and mixable, and it is Jane’s unique understanding of the way they respond to firing that makes her work distinctive. Her 20 years of working and developing this technique has earned her a loyal following.

Working from her studio in Bristol, Jane recreates her love of the cornish sea by her expert placing of glass frits to re-create the energy and spirit of the sea.

‘The colours I see in a falling wave are the colours that describe freedom, freedom from the stuff of life that sometimes crowds in and saps energy. As a city dweller seeking that sense of freedom, they provide a momentary but lasting space to breathe deeply and be refreshed. Whether they are gentle harbour waves or huge crashing beach breakers, they represent the colour and sound of a ‘free’ sea.’

– Jane Reeves Glass artist

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