Katherine J Austin art glass is hand blown and inspired by nature and coastal colours. An Interest in art from a very young age turned into a passion and then blossomed into a career of designing, creating and crafting custom items.

Katherine studied at DeMontford University, gaining a BA Hons in Craft Design. After her degree, Katherine worked as an artist in residence at the university for one year which, led onto an assistant glassblower role at Loco Glass in Cirencester. Katherine currently works as a freelance assistant glassblower at the Simon Moore Studio in Hertford as well as creating her pieces.

Blown glass art is Katherine’s primary pursuit, but she also works with cold-worked glass and has a range of other strings to her bow, which includes metalwork, ceramics and textiles.

In addition to her artwork, Katherine has made time to volunteer for charities, these include Mercy Ministry in Greece and an orphanage in South Africa.

Boha Glass are proud and excited to showcase Katherine  J Austin Art. We have no doubts that her captivating pieces will gather many admirers!

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