Kim Bramley glass art specialises in making kiln-formed glass jewellery and tableware as well as interior design statement pieces. She originally studied Fashion and Textile Design at Saint Martin’s School of Art in London, graduating in 1992. She worked for many years in printed textiles and later handmade paper.  Kim then took a different path and re-trained to become a glass artist.

Kim is has worked as a glass designer and maker for over nineteen years. Her glass art is about a love for making art, a passion for materials and a dedication to mastering techniques. Form, Color and Texture are her ‘alphabet’.

In 2015, Kim moved to South Brittany, France, with her husband. She has a studio at home which they renovated from a former milking parlour. Kim loves her rural idyll, a quiet place nestled in the heart of the Breton countryside. It is tucked away, peaceful and surrounded by pastures. The peace and serenity of her surroundings are reflected in her glass artwork.

Kim Bramley Glass Artist Statement:

”Gently does it. I work …… and then there is a moment that arises ….. when the harmony in the piece has moved ………. from Silence into Expression ”

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