Laura Hart Glass began taking root when Laura started experimenting with oils and canvas at the tender age of twelve. In her teenage years she treaded the boards, and in her 20’s and 30’s she was involved in video production and 3D animation. In her 40’s she dabbled in heritage building renovation, only being united with the glorious world of glass art by the time she reached her 50’s. Laura however always had a love for glass, watching the blowers at work in Stourbridge as a child.

Her career turned to glass when she was asked to work on a glass and steel piece. This is when her obsession and passion with glass really began and Laura Hart Glass Artist was born. Laura attended courses to learn the basics of casting and fusing, buying a kiln and setting up shop in the garage of her home. Laura loves the myriad of diversity that is always present when working with glass.

Laura’s work centres on the conservation of endangered species, flora and fauna. She recreates her specimens using glass fusion and pate de verre casting as well as kiln and flame work. Sterling silver is found in many of her pieces, giving anatomical detail. Influenced by Georgia O’Keefe, Laura has also been a lifelong collector of Art Nouveau and Deco works. Many of her works are inspired by the Art Nouveau period, their geometry and precision taking on a high level of optical precision that is found in her “Picasso” collection.

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