Paull Rodrigue glass artist work is instantly recognizable and covetable! His signature style is to create glass art in bold, vibrant jewel-like tones with a sensual organic form. His glass art will enrich and adorn any space. Paull’s work will fill viewers with awe and intrigue. His work makes the one feel uplifted and entices you to look deep into the piece. A piece by Paull Rodrigue will certainly gather many admiring comments and stimulating discussions!

Paull began his art glass journey at art college in Canada in 1993 and set up his art glass studio in 2003 – Rodrigue Glass.  He, cleverly, combines ancient processes and traditional techniques with modern technology and design. The creative process is the result of a mountain of preparation, design and the combined experience of Paull and his talented team of assistants.

Artistic Vision:

“I use multiple techniques and colour applications. The creative process of creating new art presents a challenge in which I respond to intuitively and spontaneously. The seductive qualities of molten glass entice me, resulting in works that are layered in colour and elegance. The interplay between light and colour informs my search for balance and luminescence.  I continue to search for new and innovative ways to push the boundaries of glass”.
– Paull Rodrigue glass artist

In addition to creating his awesome glass art, Paull also makes time to teach and take part in philanthropic endeavours. A great artist and all-round great human! We are delighted to showcase Paull’s work.

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