Robert Burch Glass began when Robert started out in glass blowing in 1971, his most recent work becoming mainly focused on one-of-a-kind commissions. Amongst his creations are paperweights, sculptures, perfume bottles, and silver-veiled glass objects. His work has been widely on display since 1977, his inspiration for his creation coming from nature and the beauty of molten glass.

Robert first stumbled across the art of glass blowing in the 1960s whilst visiting the Penland School of Arts and Crafts. Literally stumbling across a glass blower in his studio during a walk in the Carolina woods, from the moment he looked into the studio he became mesmerized with glass and the energy created by glass in its molten state.

Following his encounter with molten glass in the 1960s Robert went on to teach and study glassblowing simultaneously at Goddard College. He set up and moved into his first Robert Burch Glass studio in Plainfield, Vermont in 1978. From humble beginnings, Robert grew his business which today supplies over 200 shops and galleries throughout the nation.

To watch Robert working with glass is like watching a master who is entirely engrossed and entranced with his work. Engulfed in a world of molten glass, Burch’s relationship with glass is profound and intimate. During the last five years of his career Burch has made over 10,000 items, each item being entirely unique and filled with a passion that is entirely impossible to recreate.

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