Sanders & Wallace Glass

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The artists Andrew Sanders & David Wallace first met in Stoke on Trent in 1974. They soon discovered a common interest in working with hot blown glass and started working to create Sanders & Wallace Glass.

In 1977, they established their first glass studio in Shropshire. Within a few years, they relocated to Otley, West Yorkshire to a new workshop in an old Victorian woollen mill. This mill also provided workspace for a variety of other craftspeople. The Woollen Mill has since been re-developed and they have moved into a brand new studio.

When not creating beautiful art deco perfume bottle, Sanders & Wallace glass commissions have included reproducing Viking and Egyptian glassware for the BBC.

They find inspiration in the world around them; landscapes, historical glass, architecture and the sea to name just a few.

They take a molten glass and transform it into beautiful objects. Both artists are primarily concerned with form, colour with an emphasis on the spontaneous and hidden qualities of glass. They try to capture that transitional moment when the liquid glass takes on its solid form.

Andrew and David have strived to perfect their glassmaking skills for over 30 years. This has culminated in a body of work both unique and distinctive.

Their warm, colourful and robust style draws the eye, enticing you to touch the curvaceous contours of their glass pieces.