Sea On Glass is the brainchild of British artists, Anna & Lesley, who have been working successfully together for over 10 years. These resourceful and inventive artists specialise in creating pictures of images using recycled sea glass.

Their wide range of artwork, which is inspired by iconic British imagery, architecture and animals, is unique. There is nothing quite like them out there!

Lesley has always been creative and experimented with painting and drawing before finding the creative possibilities of working with sea glass. Anna graduated in 1995 from Norwich School of Art in Fine Art (sculpture). A friendship that began at their kids’ school gates quickly led to working together in their home studios.

They are both passionate about recycling and the environment and work incredibly hard, scouring their local beaches for discarded glass pieces. These are designed and painted with great skill, imagination and humour to create inspirational art.

Sea glass is the coloured glass “pebbles” that have washed up with the surf. They are also known as “ocean glass” or “beach glass”. They are the by-product of discarded man-made glass objects – bottles, jars etc. – that have found their way into the ocean.

Anna and Lesley’s artwork is incredibly popular and selling fast and across the globe! They were shortlisted for the Royal West of England Academy exhibition in 2015 and were chosen to create a piece for the “Stars on Canvas” 2018 auction.

The attention to detail on their glass art is incredible and the mastery in the making is truly fascinating. We are delighted to welcome Sea on Glass to Boha!

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