Ash Chair ‘Number 1 Chair’ by Dan Hussey


Strong Curves

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D: 43cm x H: 76cm

Ash Chair ‘Number 1 Chair’ by Dan Hussey

This stunning and beautifully curved ash chair, “The Number 1”, is Dan Hussey’s very first chair design. It was lovingly developed over the years and remains his best seller. You only need to take one look at those glorious curves to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry of Dan’s work.

A true labour of love, the Green Ash is bent into complex curves which then need to dry out over a 2-3 month period. Not only is Ash a beautiful piece of wood, it also has great strength and will last a lifetime. The young Ash is very light in colour, but like a fine wine, it only improves with age. In time, the wood deepens in colour.

This artistic chair not only looks good but is also very comfortable. Each chair is signed by the artist and dated with the year it was made. The Ash Chair will make a fantastic addition to any home and attract admiring glances for years to come!

Seat height  45.5 cm, overall height  76cm
Seat width  37.5cm, overall width 43cm

Ash Chair Artist

Dan Hussey’s passion for wood and wood-making is deep-rooted. For as long as he can remember, he has been making things out of wood. Whilst he can’t recall the exact moment he started, his earliest memory is of using a chisel for the first time at around the tender age of 8-years! Unlike for many of his contemporaries, the novelty did not wear off and Dan continued to experiment and study the intricacies of working with wood. He first learnt about steam bending wood when he was 14 repairing a boat. Dan later learnt how to form more extreme bends in wood by making bending jigs, using his A-level physics project to investigate and understand the complex forces that underpin the way wood bends with steam.

A degree into the study of 3D Design at Newcastle Upon Tyne Polytechnic quickly followed, during which he undertook an industry placement year as a Ship’s carpenter. Dan’s passion and hard work paid off, and in 1993 he set up his own successful business making furniture back in Suffolk using local coppiced Ash to create the Number 1 Ash Chair. Dan loves working with wood and continues to experiment with new designs and types of wood. He believes there is always more to learn, and that we still really know very little about the wonders of wood.

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Dimensions 43 × 76 cm


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