Black Contemporary Chairs ‘Chloe Occasion Chair Upholstered in NeoGeo by Cheeky Chairs’



L: 53cm x D: 44cm x H: 93cm

Black Contemporary Chairs ‘Chloe Occasion Chair Upholstered in NeoGeo by Cheeky Chairs’

Jon Burgerman is the king of Doodle Art and his NeoGeo doodle fabric is used to cover these delightful black contemporary chairs designed by Cheeky Chairs.

This abstract doodle gives the chair a vibrant retro look and banishes boring from your home. The stunning Chloe chair is the perfect choice for this fun loving fabric with the wonderful round aperture in the chair giving it a grand finish.

Chair and fabric work together in perfect harmony and bring a sense of fun and cheekiness to your home decor.

You can choose to have your own unique style as you can choose colour, chair, fabric and finish to provide you with the perfect set of chairs. Just get in touch and let us know your requirements.

Boha are delighted to showcase a selection of original designer art chairs from Cheeky Chairs

Black Contemporary Chairs Designer

From their workshop in the Weald of Kent, Cheeky Chairs are putting fashion into furniture with their sumptuous range of chairs and bar stools.

Cheeky Chairs like to do things a little bit differently. They’ve banished boring with a delicious kaleidoscope of colour to make your home all the more bright and beautiful.

They are passionate about colour, and have curated a fine collection of chair models which they’ve adorned with some of the most vibrant, designer fabrics possible.

These fabrics have been specially selected from the worlds of fashion and interior design to deliver a completely unique art chair.

All Cheeky Chairs are sustainably produced. Raw chair frames are crafted from carefully sourced ash or beech. The art chairs are individually upholstered using traditional methods and natural materials such as hessian, calico, coir stuffings and pure new wool for a superior level of comfort.

Jon Burgerman is a British born artist who now resides in New York, where he uses his multiple artistic talents to great effect.

His work covers pop art, fine art, documentary making and much more besides. One of his most popular art forms is the Doodle, where he is a leading figure and prolific artist.

Burgerman even started a Pop Art band called the Anxieteam, which signed a record deal and played to audiences across the globe with an album release and many singles.

In 2013 Jon was the co-producer of the documentary The Great Hip Hop Hoax, which was directed by Jeanie Finlay, and he has also appeared in documentaries about his own work, such as Off The Record, and Made You Look.

Often a keynote speaker around the world, Burgerman performs at events and conferences and runs creative workshops. These workshops focus on ‘quiet interventions’ where non-permanent actions, done subtly and cheaply, can be an agent of change in the world and a catalyst for behaviour change in people and in their world.


Dimensions 53 × 44 × 93 cm


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