Butterfly Dining Chairs ‘Alice Contemporary Italian by Cheeky Chairs Upholstered in Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade Noir’



L: 55cm x D: 48cm x H: 100cm

Butterfly Dining Chairs ‘Alice Contemporary Italian by Cheeky Chairs Upholstered in Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade Noir’

This range of butterfly dining chairs is contemporary and graceful. Wearing the expressive and dynamic cotton print fabric by Christian Lacroix, they bring life to any home. The airborne parade of tropical butterflies found on this range of Alice chairs is carefully finished in Jack Black eggshell. The contrast of black against the tropical colours found on this print are perfect for any modern dining room. Inspired by travel and other influences, the Lacroix fashion house is renowned for bold statements and exotic prints.

Choose the high-backed Alice butterfly dining chairs for elegance and comfort. The tall back and slender legs of this chair are perfect for dining in style. The quality of the fabric and the high quality finish of these chairs can be seen in all these dining and occasion chair ranges. The contrasting white crisp background of the fabric further accentuates the careful use of tropical colours in this design. Step back and let your mind wander to a perfect spring day, the butterflies dancing in the crisp sunshine.

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Boha are delighted to showcase a selection of original designer art chairs from Cheeky Chairs

Butterfly Dining Chairs Designer

From their workshop in the Weald of Kent, Cheeky Chairs are putting fashion into furniture with their sumptuous range of chairs and bar stools.

Cheeky Chairs like to do things a little bit differently. They’ve banished boring with a delicious kaleidoscope of colour to make your home all the more bright and beautiful.

They are passionate about colour, and have curated a fine collection of chair models which they’ve adorned with some of the most vibrant, designer fabrics possible.

These fabrics have been specially selected from the worlds of fashion and interior design to deliver a completely unique art chair.

All Cheeky Chairs are sustainably produced. Raw chair frames are crafted from carefully sourced ash or beech. The art chairs are individually upholstered using traditional methods and natural materials such as hessian, calico, coir stuffings and pure new wool for a superior level of comfort.

CHRISTIAN LACROIX BUTTERFLY PARADE FABRIC illustrates the exotic design inspiration of this renowned fashion house. A french fashion designer, Christian’s background is in costume and fashion. Upon studying Art History in Montpellier, Christian went on to open Haute Couture house. Completing a dissertation in 18th Century French art, Christian initially wanted to become a museum curator.

During his early career Christian Lacroix would work in various roles within the fashion industry. By 1981, he was given the role as the designer to Jean Patou. This allowed him to build up his brand, enjoying the freedom to create what he really wanted to. His 1986 collection became a hit, and by 1987 Christian had opened his very own fashion house. This leap in his career allowed Christian the freedom to create his very own range of ready to wear clothing.

Throughout the decades, Lacroix has been know for not just ready to wear fashion but also for his stunning range of wedding attire. His independence and bravery to try new ideas is what allowed Christian to grow in creativity. His fabric designs are exotic, and come from a range influences. Unpredictability is what makes Christian stand out from the crowd. Each design is different, bold, and full of life. But all of his designs like those displayed in this collection of butterfly dining chairs are of the same outstanding quality.


Dimensions 55 × 48 × 100 cm


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