Map Chair ‘My Favourite Place Chair’ by Cheeky Chairs



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Map Chair ‘My Favourite Place Chair’ by Cheeky Chairs

For something entirely unique, choose a bespoke map chair as a gift or for your own home. Everyone has their favourite holiday destination. Some people make coasters with their favourite photo, others hang their favourite image on the wall. What we offer is something entirely unique. We can turn your favourite place into a chair. Capturing your memories, we will create your ‘My Favourite Place’ chair with your memories. Our map chairs are created from OS maps. All you need to do is let us know the exact location and postcode of your favourite place.

A favourite place chair is the perfect gift. For special occasions like an anniversary or birthday, a map chair is a gift that will last forever. Forget keeping your memories in a photo album or stored on your computer. A favourite place chair will stand proudly on display for ever, never losing its quality and never forgotten. Perhaps you would love to give your spouse a chair of the place you went on honeymoon or where you got married. Our favourite place chairs bring your memories to life, a priceless gift that will be treasured forever. Available in any of our chair designs, browse our collection of dining, boudoir, and occasional chairs to select the design for your favourite place chair.

Just don’t take it with you when you go orienteering! It will get quite heavy rather quickly, although it would be good to have a nice seat when you are halfway round your favourite walking circuit. Perhaps that could be the subject of your chair design. Or, you might have a luxury holiday cottage you rent out and would like some of these chairs. But do also put a map on the corkboard, or everyone will be on their hands and knees examining the details of the chair very carefully!


Boha are delighted to showcase a selection of original designer art chairs from Cheeky Chairs

Map Chair Designer

From their workshop in the Weald of Kent, Cheeky Chairs are putting fashion into furniture with their sumptuous range of chairs and bar stools.

Cheeky Chairs like to do things a little bit differently. They’ve banished boring with a delicious kaleidoscope of colour to make your home all the more bright and beautiful.

They are passionate about colour, and have curated a fine collection of chair models which they’ve adorned with some of the most vibrant, designer fabrics possible.

These fabrics have been specially selected from the worlds of fashion and interior design to deliver a completely unique art chair.

All Cheeky Chairs are sustainably produced. Raw chair frames are crafted from carefully sourced ash or beech. The art chairs are individually upholstered using traditional methods and natural materials such as hessian, calico, coir stuffings and pure new wool for a superior level of comfort.


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