Newspaper Chairs ‘The FT Chair’ by Cheeky Chairs



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Newspaper Chairs ‘The FT Chair’ by Cheeky Chairs

For a totally unique gift, choose newspaper chairs from the Pop Art collection. The Financial Times chair is perfect for lovers of quality print. Do you love reading the newspaper every morning? Has it been part of your morning ritual for years? If the answer is yes, then the “FT” chair is the perfect addition to your home. Wrapped in the cutouts from the iconic pink newspaper, the “FT” chair is finished with eco-friendly varnish. The art of decoupage is used in creating these newspaper chairs.

Newspaper chairs are perfect for your kitchen or study. A standalone chair, the “FT” can be ordered in any of our models. Choose a functional Alice Chair design, or a curvaceous design like the Scarlett chair. If you are looking for a chair that is unique for a bespoke gift, our Pop Art chairs are the perfect choice. Capturing important news articles and sealing them in varnish means our chairs will last a lifetime. We present you the Financial Times chair for lovers of newspapers, bespoke gifts, and lovers of Pop Art.

Boha are delighted to showcase a selection of original designer art chairs from Cheeky Chairs

Newspaper Chairs Designer

From their workshop in the Weald of Kent, Cheeky Chairs are putting fashion into furniture with their sumptuous range of chairs and bar stools.

Cheeky Chairs like to do things a little bit differently. They’ve banished boring with a delicious kaleidoscope of colour to make your home all the more bright and beautiful.

They are passionate about colour, and have curated a fine collection of chair models which they’ve adorned with some of the most vibrant, designer fabrics possible.

These fabrics have been specially selected from the worlds of fashion and interior design to deliver a completely unique art chair.

All Cheeky Chairs are sustainably produced. Raw chair frames are crafted from carefully sourced ash or beech. The art chairs are individually upholstered using traditional methods and natural materials such as hessian, calico, coir stuffings and pure new wool for a superior level of comfort.

Decoupage is the art of gluing paper cut-outs together and combining them with paint effects. The origins of decoupage belong in Japan, the art form being popular as far back as the 18th century. Known in 18th century England as the Art of Japanning, these chairs bring this art into the 21st century. Each of the “FT” chairs is entirely unique. Newspapers strips are selected and cut, and positioned onto the chair to create a smooth and alluring pink chair design.

Finished in eco-friendly varnish, the chairs capture the best news stories from the past to the present day. Decoupage art chairs are the perfect choice for that extra special gift. Treasured forever, decoupage chairs will preserve your  memories perfectly, creating a timeless piece of art for your home. With retro and vintage designs being so fashionable, there is no better way to combine your memories with decoupage art. Spanning the 18th to 21st century and incorporating your favourite 80’s design, your decoupage chairs will last a long time.




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