Accent Table ‘Graphite’ by Krzysztof Zarycki


Nature & Modernity

L: 90cm x D: 80cm x H: 50cm
40 kg

Accent Table ‘Graphite’ by Krzysztof Zarycki

A stunning accent table for the home that combines the beauty of nature with modern design. The accent table stands tall at 50cm and boasts modern graphite legs. It is topped by with a beautiful slice of a tree trunk which is encased in clear epoxy resin.

A piece of art in itself, this accent table will look amazing on its own. Or you may choose to use it as a display for decorative items. However you choose to use it, ensure it is placed somewhere it can be admired by all who visit!

Accent Table Artist

Krzysztof Zarycki began his journey into the art of furniture making in 2010. His father, who is also a furniture maker, was his inspiration. Krzysztof, very quickly, realized that he too shared his father’s passion and creativity for furniture making.

Krzysztof created his first project in 2017 and strives for perfection in every piece he makes. He combines the naturalness of wood with the modernity of epoxy resin in his designs. He draws inspiration from landscapes, which he puts into his design for the countertop.

Each table is handmade and the process is a labour of love. Many stages are involved, which take time and the utmost patience. First, he prepares the wood by sanding the entire surface. Then he perfects the outer surface and re-sands the piece until it is perfectly smooth. The resin is then poured in stages, often up to 7 layers. After the final layer is poured a drying period of at least a week is needed for the resin to be fully hardened. The resin table top is then painstakingly hand-polished until it is perfectly smooth to the touch.

The wood texture in each tree patch is one of a kind. The arrangement of the rings, the shape of the edge, and the colours make it impossible to produce another one of the same. Like a fingerprint, each piece has its own individual character and uniqueness.

The abstract shape of the wooden top means the viewer will have different association when admiring his tables. For some, perhaps the top will resemble a map, for others the same table will be associated with the bottom of the ocean, or with a picturesque landscape seen from the bird’s eye view.

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 90 × 80 × 50 cm


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