Sculptural Table ‘ Small Occasion’ by Michael Crook


Sculptural Beauty


L: 39cm x D: 24cm x H: 74cm
8.2 kg

Sculptural Table ‘ Small Occasion’ by Michael Crook

This beautiful sculptural table is made from re-recycled or locally sourced wood. Offcuts of Bath stone are used to make the base.

Made of two sculpted oak legs, rising from a Bath stone base and supporting an oak top. This sculptural table is designed to be strong and is very stable due to its stone base, but is easy to move.

Ideal as a plinth, for a sculpture or ornament, or as a convenient drinks table at parties!

Sculptural Table Artist

Michel Crook has been creative since childhood and his interest in art and woodwork was ignited at school. He subsequently combined his love for these exciting subjects at Art college, resulting in a deep passion for wooden sculptures. And the rest they say is history!

Michael enjoys the privilege of taking an already unique and beautifully formed natural material and turning it into one of his splendid designs. He is inspired by the wondrous lines that exist all around us in the natural world. He likes to observe all kinds of things including birds, fish, the human form and flames to name but a few. These observations form the initial basis for his designs, but he is not subservient to the subject matter. Instead, the idea is allowed to alter, grow, and develop as he enters an artistic ‘flow’. This process means that every sculpture is unique and has its own special significance.

A perfectionist by nature, Michael’s sculptures are finished to an incredibly high standard. However, he knows that there is always more to learn and he continues to develop his understanding of old and new methods of wood finishing techniques.

Michael’s majestic sculptures and tables are designed to adorn your interior space and are not suitable for an outdoor location. The designs are simply stunning and will suit both traditional and contemporary styled décor and will last a lifetime.

Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 39 × 24 × 74 cm


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