Ceramic Bedside Lamps ‘SWEETNESS’ by Nicola Slaney






Ceramic Bedside Lamps ‘SWEETNESS’ by Nicola Slaney

‘Sweetness’ ceramic bedside lamps by Nicola are available in three different shapes.  They come with contrasting wood or black coloured bases and are the perfect addition to your bedroom. Bring nature into your home when you choose from the ‘Sweetness’ range. The colours depicted in these ceramic lamps will bring a sense of calm to your room. Colours from the wild, each one blending in perfect harmony with the next.

Choose ceramic bedside lamps for your traditional bedroom. The gentle floral designs will blend perfectly with light or pastel colours. Creating a freshness in your room, you can almost smell nature when you look at these lamps. Imagine a gentle breeze flowing across a meadow. The contrasting colours of the flowers perfectly set the scene. A must for lovers of nature and tranquillity. These lamps are a sensational choice for your home.

Ceramic Bedside Lamps Artist

Nicola Slaney is a well-established Moorcroft designer.  She is known for her best selling range ‘Anna-Lily’. She has achieved a high profile after a six-day tour of her most inspiring work, Jerusalem. Nicola’s work is influenced by her love of nature. This can be seen in these wonderfully floral ceramic bedside lamps.

Nicolas work is extremely varied, catering to the limited edition market. As well as more affordable ranges which create a sense and warmth and beauty for your home.

Nicole creates a wide variety of shapes and sizes. She updates them every year, keeping her range and talent fresh and renewed. This means she will have creations to suit and inspire most rooms. These will bring the wild outdoors into your home.
After 16 years she is still creating fun new designs. She portrays them in new shapes each year. Making her work perfect to finish your home.

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