Hand Painted Ceramic Lamps ‘Celestial Bouquet’ by Vicky Lovatt



Beautiful Bouquet


Round (Left): H23cm – £698
Slim (Right): H25.5cm – £715

Hand Painted Ceramic Lamps ‘Celestial Bouquet’ by Vicky Lovatt

Bring nature right into your home when you choose hand painted ceramic lamps from the ‘Celestial Bouquet’ series by Vicky Lovatt. With three styles of lamps to choose from, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the array of colours and impeccable detailing. The irises, astrantia and foxgloves depicted on these lamps are another examples of Vicky’s love for nature.

Invest in beauty when you purchase any of these hand-painted ceramic lamps by Vicky. The rush of colours and the fine detailing of her perfectly chosen flowers show the extra special relationship Vicky has with nature. Inspired by nature and the supernatural, these lamps are a must-buy for a lover of flowers and nature scenes. Each bouquet of flowers winds effortlessly down the slender neck and voluptuous body of the lamp, bringing calm and serenity into your home.

Hand Painted Ceramic Lamps Artist

Vicky started her career as a painter in 1999. For many years she consistently entered her pieces into the Open Weekend auction for staff at Moorcroft Heritage Centre. Her persistence paid off, and she would soon become a designer there. Much of Vicky’s inspiration comes from the universe, planets, and astronomy. Many of her creations use bird and animals as a subject matter, this trend is seen throughout her portfolio. One highlight of her career so far was the design of nine giant ceramic floral globes for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden.

Many of Vicy’s designs are of a floral nature, but with an exotic querk. Unusual nature can be found in many of her works such as her Forever England Range. This range provides a tribute to the centenary of WW1 in an extremely touching way, the vast golden field of England of a bygone era alive with scarlet red poppies. Vicky loves to work with both nature and bright colours, and this is nowhere better represented than in her Costa Rica Collection. Here you will find a world full of life, gargling amphibians alongside tropical birdsong and the gentle flutter of insect wings. These hand painted ceramic lamps by Vicky Lovatt are perfect for bedside tables, dressers, or occasional tables.

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