Handmade Pottery Lamps ‘Wistful’ by Kerry Goodwin



Sublime ceramics

Medium (Middle):  H-25.5 £659
Round (Right):  H-15 £598

Handmade Pottery Lamps ‘Wistful’ by Kerry Goodwin

‘Wistful’ is a collection of handmade pottery lamps by Kerry Goodwin. A prestigious ceramicist, Kerry brings together the warm tones and wildness of nature beautifully in these lamps.

These lamps will create a sense of superb tranquilly to your room. The soft purple flowers, entwined with the green leaves, cascade beautifully down the lamp.  A sense of harmony is perfectly achieved in ceramic form.

Bringing out the very best in colour and design, with perfectly matching shades, the blossom of the flowers brings nature right into your home. Choose Kerry’s handmade pottery lamps for your lounge, diner, or bedroom, creating a scene of tranquillity that will be more than welcome at the end of a hard-working day.

Handmade Pottery Lamps Artist

Kerry Goodwin’s career started in 2000 as a painter at Moorcroft. After only a short time she gained a position as a Moorcroft designer. Kerry’s career now spans almost two decades, during which she has created designs for collectors all over the world. Kerry continues to flourish in her work as a designer, her grasp of all the elements necessary for a limited edition designer becoming ever increasingly stronger.

Kerry Goodwin’s designs are humorous, fun and quirky. Her designs will make you laugh when you are sad or brighten up even the dullest of days. Her humour will encourage you to laugh out loud or raise an eyebrow. One of her most popular collections that sold our was her ‘Recession’ potteries. This design was a tribute to the economic turmoil and uncertainty that the world faced in 2008. Designs from the series include a cityscape of Stoke-on-Trent, rain lashing down on the cobbled streets, in a manner that was reminiscent of the times of L.S Lowry. Houses and churches were depicted on a slant, and factories dominated the landscape. An instant success in the world of pottery, Kerry has become famous as an inspirational designer with an infectious sense of humour. Choose handmade pottery lamps by Kerry to add a touch of humour to your home.


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