Nagib Karsan – Old Cornish Fishing Village


Picturesque Painting


L: 61cm x H: 61cm

Nagib Karsan – Old Cornish Fishing Village

Talented artist Nagib Karsan’s flair for capturing the beauty and vibrancy of Cornish fishing villages is clear to see. Nagib depicts a fishing boat gently bobbing in the harbourside of an old Cornish village.

Karsan’s artistic style has an enduring appeal and is very popular. The picturesque design of this painting will add a splash of colour and character to your décor.

Mixed Media on Board

Nagib Karsan Artist

Nagib Karsan is a UK based artist originally from Africa. He was born in Tanzania and spent his childhood between his home in Dar es Salaam on the Indian Ocean and boarding school in the UK.

As a teenager, Nagib Karsan was educated in Somerset, UK, effectively making him a ‘local boy’. It was during his educational years in Somerset that his fascination with the West Country began. In particular, he loved its fishing villages, rugged coastlines and unpredictable weather! This fascination continued throughout his life and has provided much of the inspiration for his paintings in later years.

Although Nagib enjoyed art from an early age, he was encouraged to pursue a career in business. Luckily, a less hectic lifestyle since the 1990s enabled him to rediscover his passion for art. He now paints regularly and has developed his own unique artistic methods.

Nagib has developed an unusual technique of applying a collage of printed cut paper to the surface before and during the application of paint. This way of working creates random and unexpected results to produce vibrant, colour filled paintings rich with texture and life.

Karsan travels extensively searching out interesting vistas. He has found inspiration from many quarters, including the West Country, London and Venice. His paintings are the result of careful study and observation. He skilfully combines textural content whilst capturing the ever-changing light of the landscape.

Nagib Karsan’s art style is loose and fluid and his paintings have an enduring appeal. His artwork makes a striking addition to any room.

Dimensions 61 × 61 cm


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