Glass Butterflies ‘Butterflies in Flight’ by Gail Turbutt



Glass Wings!

Glass Butterflies ‘Butterflies in Flight’ by Gail Turbutt

Butterflies in flight is an alluring panel of glass butterflies. This panel of clear glass is from Gail’s collection of works exploring air and movement. Her vision is to capture movement and portray the passage through the air of the butterflies. Featuring the vortexes created as they fly through the air – a moment in time – of time having passed and those places as yet unexplored.

A thought-provoking piece that will capture you, in a moment in time.

Glass Butterflies Artist

Gail Turbutt studied 3D Design in Glass at Wolverhampton University.  With a BAhons Gail looked to new ways to advance mould making and glass casting using machine processes.

In 2003 Gail teamed up with Amanda Brisbane at her studio in Ludlow. During this time Gail had her problem solving and ability to search for alternative solutions put to the test.  The resulting process of sandcasting glass was pushed to its very limits, with Amanda Brisbane Ltd becoming a worldwide name.

Over the years Gail has perfected her own style of glass sculpture.  Utilizing her acquired skills in mark-making and improving her mould-making abilities.  Gail uses clay as her host canvas, where she has the means to pick up the fine detail of the design element.  Sheet glass is used instead of molten glass.  Gail looks to work with the thinnest layer of glass, looking to harness the varied inherent qualities it has to offer as a medium.

Inspired by nature and the nartual world, Gail looks to create organically-shaped free standing panels.  Working from her studio in  Ludlow, Shropshire, all of Gail’s pieces are complete one-offs, the mould crumbles once out of the Kiln.

‘Seeing the sculptures move from my imagination to reality, yet not knowing until the final moment if it will reflect the inspiration that brought it into being.’ – Gail Turbutt.

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