Modern Kiln Formed Art ‘Blue Entities VI’ By Joanne Mitchell


Air Art

L: 48cm x D: 2.6cm x H: 8cm

Modern Kiln Formed Art ‘Blue Entities VI’ By Joanne Mitchell

Blue Entities VI is all that can be expected from modern kiln-formed art.  With the use of digital technologies and her uniquely devised prep and skills, Joanne presents her signature human bubbles.  Suspended in the air are 15 air bubble men.  Together we stand or individuals caught within their own bubble?

Modern Kiln Formed Art Artist

Since 2000 Joanne Mitchell has practised as a professional artist.  Graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a 1st Class Honours in Three Dimensional Design: Hot Glass and Metal.  Joanne went on to design for Edinburgh Crystal.  She also spent time as a resident artist at the National Glass Centre, Sunderland.  In December 2012 she moved to Lime Street Studios, Newcastle-upon-Tyne where she still creates today.

In 2015, Joanne looked to complete a PhD, researching glass art with technology. The idea of which was to expand the possibilities of air within glass.  Ultimately the manipulation of the bubble.  Her pioneering research has developed new glassmaking techniques using digital technologies and CAD/CAM processes.  Such processes enable the creation of 3D forms and images trapped as air bubbles, suspended within a glass space – a first in Kiln formed glass.

Joannes new techniques aided by technology can be seen within her current work. Where she aims to make the intangible, visible, using air as the metaphor for thought, memory, presence and absence.  Drawing on connections to what makes us human Joanne explores themes around anonymity, connectedness and empathy.

Her work is in the collections of the U.K.s National Glass Centre, the Shanghai Museum of Glass, and the Alexander Tutsek–Stiftung Foundation, Germany, as well as numerous private collections.

Dimensions 48 × 2.6 × 8 cm


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