Ceramic Lamp ‘Bramble Revisited’ by Alicia Amison



Bramble Beauty


Main – L30 x W30 x H46cm – £470
Pear –  L36 x W36 X H50cm – £590
Hourglass  – L30 x W30 x H44 cm – £420

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Ceramic Lamp ‘Bramble Revisited’ by Alicia Amison

Bring the beauty and wildness of nature into your home when you choose the Bramble Revisited ceramic lamp by Alicia Amison. It features a country hedgerow design in bramble colours.

The ceramic lamp design is a joyous mix of blossom, leaves, fruit and stems, set against an ivory background. It is a delightfully fresh and clean design.

N.B. The images shown are an example of the ones in the collection. Each ceramic lamp is made to order. The handmade process means that no two items of Moorcroft pottery are the same.

Ceramic Lamp Artist

Alicia Amison is a talented and highly respected pottery artist. She is one of the most accomplished ‘tubeliners’ at the famous Moorcroft Pottery factory in Stoke on Trent.

Moorcroft is famous for using the tubelining technique in their designs.  It is a highly skilled method, which takes time to perfect and is used only within art pottery, rather than mass production. Indeed, the beauty and popularity of Moorcroft pottery lie in the fact that every piece is hand painted by the artist.

Alicia joined Moorcroft in 1998, working initially as a tubeliner, but very quickly turned her hand to include design. She has produced many pieces for the Open Weekend auction each year at the Moorcroft Heritage Visitor Centre.

Alicia launched her first design, Meadow Cranesbill, in 2002. Many more designs have followed, with her ‘Bramble Revisited’ collection being her best-selling design. Bramble Revisited features a wild and unkempt bramble garland of fruit and flowers in deep berry-wine colour.

Alicia is a mother to her young daughter, and the demands of motherhood mean that she does not have as much time available as she would like to design. Consequently, she has reduced her range of designs, but those that come to being are incredibly creative and remain of the highest quality. Alicia’s work continues to gather great worldwide appeal.

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