Bear Sculptures ‘Teddy’ by Irena Tone



Modern Bear

Bear Sculptures ‘Teddy’ by Irena Tone

It is impossible not to smile when you look at Irena’s Bear Sculptures ‘Teddy’. A perfect piece of pop art that is reminiscent of the world-famous balloon dogs by Jeff Koons.

Irena’s bear sculptures are handmade from seven spheres. They are proving popular and it’s easy to see why. Made from metal and covered in gold, silver and black leaf (imitation) they are joyous to see. They will certainly spark many lively conversations!

These bear sculptures are perfect for lovers of modern contemporary pop art.

Bear Sculpture Artist

Irena Tone is an award-winning contemporary artist originally from Ukraine. After achieving the Global Talent Visa UK, in the field of Arts and Culture, she has settled in the UK. 

New ideas for her artwork arise from the world and objects surrounding her. In particular, Irena is drawn towards spherical objects. She is amazed and inspired by the fact that our entire Universe and every object in it consists of spheres: molecules and atoms. A simple form builds a complex one. She turns this idea on its head so that her sculptures represent complex things in simple forms. For example, her bear sculpture consists of only 7 simple metal balls, but this stark minimalism does not stop making him a bear.

Irena’s style takes a minimalistic abstract style for all her works: starting from her ‘women’s essence’ paintings and ending with her sculptures.

2020 – Award WOMAN’S ESSENCE, MUSA International art Space in collaboration with Centre for UNESCO Bologna, Palazzo Velli, Rome, Italy

2020 – Special Recognition Award, “All Women” Art Exhibition 2020 – Painting & Other Media, artwork “Pencils”, USA

Artist Statement: 

“The world and the objects around me inspire my art.  My process involves deconstructing those objects into minimalistic layers. My artworks evolve into a characterful representation of usual life. By enlarging, exaggerating, or using metaphors my work invites you to take a fresh look at the nature of familiar things”.

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