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Czech Art Glass

 The Art Nouveau and Art Deco Eras After the Napoleonic wars drew to a close in 1815, Bohemia was once again free to begin a steady ascent toward to the pinnacle of glassmaking, to retake the crown that had by then been passed to England. It would take some time before the Bohemian glass artists…

decorative glass bowls

How To Properly Show Off Your Decorative Glass Bowls

When you invest in a stunning piece of glass art, you will want to be sure that it is on display for all to see. The easiest way to do that is to make it the focal point in a room or the piece that pulls the rest of the space together. Creativity in how…

Whitefriars glass History -

Whitefriars Glass History

James Powell & Sons, better known as Whitefriars Glass was the longest running glass house in Britain which started in the mid 18th century. The Old Glass House in Tudor Street dates back to 1740 but records date back to a small glassworks off Fleet Street in 1720. Whitefriars Glass History: James Powell & Sons…

david patchen

Art Glass

For the last decade Art Glass has been waning and waxing with the tide. Finally now, the tide is turning and art glass is making a comeback across the globe. China has a lot to do with this, but their initial effect was negative – undercutting many independent makers and forcing them to evolve technically…

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