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7 Unique Ways to Repurpose Your Favorite Glass Vase

If you love decorating your home, you may have collected a few glass vases over time. However, if you have moved or redecorated, your glass vase may have been stored out of sight and forgotten.

You can repurpose your glass vase and use its intrinsic beauty in various ways. The following 7 ideas are unique ways to repurpose your glass vase. 

Create Beautiful Gardens

To help save money, grow your own herbs at home. Placing them in small, odd-shaped glass vases is a great way to see them grow healthy.

It’s simple to make, as all you need are a few small pebbles to help the water drain. Then add your soil and transfer your tiny herb garden over.

If you want something easier to maintain, desert terrariums are very popular. Little water is necessary for these environments. These are perfect for your office, or sunroom, or to add easy floral life to your bedroom. 

All you need is decorative sand and small desert-like plants. Air plants are good to add as well, as they practically need nothing and do not need to be embedded in the sand. 

Use it As a Serving Dish

There is no rule that you must serve your guests on expensive dinnerware. Consider flipping a glass vase over and using it as a base for a cake dish or serving fresh fruit. This is an elegant way to add colour to your dinner parties. 

Unique Picture Frames

Your tall or short glass vase makes wonderful alternatives to picture frames. You can get a beautiful piece of paper or gift wrap and glue the photo to it. Then place it inside your clear glass vase. The larger the vase, the more photos you can display. 

Bring the Outdoors In

If you want to make a bold, natural statement indoors, it’s a pleasant twist when using your vases. We think of vases as just holding gorgeous flowers, but you can bring other outdoor elements inside. 

  • Decorate the outside of your vase with a few twigs
  • Fill it with sand, rocks, or pine cones
  • Bring the seashore to your home, by adding starfish, seashells, or sea glass

Add Elegance to Your Kitchen Décor

Don’t think that glass vases are designed for just your living and dining room areas. Vases are excellent for storing items in your kitchen as well. Neatly organize your kitchen supplies such as your spoons, spatulas, and cooking forks in a wide-mouthed vase. 

You can keep treats ready for the kids in vases as well. They are excellent as candy bowl dishes, chocolate-covered pretzel rods, and lollipops. 

Add Light to Any Room

Vases can be both functional and a beautiful way to show off your candles. The light from the candles is enhanced and a tall vase will protect your wall and decorations from heat damage.

Eliminate Wicker Baskets from the Bathroom

Finally, eliminate bulky wicker baskets from your washroom. Turn your décor into something extraordinary by storing your makeup, bath salts, and bath soaps, and even holding your bath towels in place. 

As you can see, there are many creative ways to use your old vases. There is no need to let any of your beautiful glass vases go to waste. 

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