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Top Ways To Use Glass In Your Home

round glass windowGlass is everywhere in modern life, but rarely do we spend time actually thinking about what we use it for. It lets light into our homes, it is used to store food, and occasionally we’ll use it to hold some flowers. But glass has a lot more to offer than that. You can use glass to improve your home in many creative and interesting ways.

All too often, British homes are darker than they need to be; whether because of the old style of small windows, being surrounded by tall buildings, or a lack of windows. The lack of windows in old buildings was due to the Window tax, which had people bricking up windows quicker than you could say ‘ float glass’. In modern homes, it is often the case that windows are just at either end of the house and not on the sides, both for reasons of structural strength and also because builders are lazy and the thought of fitting a round ariel window fills them with dread.

The roof light window has helped scores of people turn those gloomy loft conversions into some of the brightest rooms in the house. Even with all these possibilities, there are still many ways to increase the amount of light in your home; aside from putting up mirrors on every wall in sight.

So here are a few ways to help draw extra light into rooms:

Dividing Walls

decorative glass partition wallWhile the purpose of a dividing wall is to section off areas from one another, a wall does not have to be a big, imposing structure. Glass allows you to clearly section off part of a room for whatever purpose you need, without losing the light. It keeps the room feeling large and spacious but still allows for two separate functions.

A glass dividing wall can separate a dining area from a kitchen without breaking up the line of sight. Similarly, a glass wall can be used to section off part of a bathroom for a walk-in shower without the need for a cubicle.

Coloured Lighting

Coloured glass creates coloured light, which can be used for some amazing effects in the home. Where your door surround has glass panels down the sides or over the top of the door, consider replacing these with patterns of coloured glass.

If the idea of replacing door surrounds is not for you, consider changing your lampshades and overhead light shades for coloured glass. The shades will look amazing on their own, both when lit and unlit, and will also change the texture of the light in your rooms; giving a more cosy, natural look than the standard white we expect in modern houses.

Glass Ornaments

Some glassware is simply too delicate, and beautiful to actually use. It is there to be looked at and admired from a safe distance. By putting a few gorgeous pieces of crystal glass ornaments in the sunny spots on the window sills in the house, you can actually draw in a lot more light. The glass crystal ornaments have a habit of gathering in all the available light and then reflecting it back into the room to dazzle and delight on a daily basis.

The other benefit of glass ornaments is that they can be used to fill windows where the view is not so good, so you can look out the window onto things of beauty rather than your neighbour’s wall.

crystal ornaments


Glass shines brightly, it’s one of its most endearing features. Shiny surfaces give a wonderful, clean feel to a room. Glass is also easy to wipe down and keep spotlessly clean, and won’t stain. Combine these two features, and it’s easy to see why glass countertops are a wonderful idea.

Whether you decide to use coloured glass or clear glass combined with a nice pattern or material underneath, you can guarantee strong, hard-wearing surfaces in your kitchen that will look amazing for years to come; all without much adding to your housecleaning regime.


Glass flooringA glass floor is not for the faint of heart. It means anyone in the room below can see you from angles you wouldn’t normally want to be seen from, so the floor suddenly has to be taken into account when getting dressed in the morning.

On the other hand, a glass floor lets you see things you would otherwise be unable to. Where part of a room stretches out over a garden or swimming pool, glass floor panels suddenly become a brilliant idea. Put a sofa or a couple of chairs around the edge of the glass, and you have a view that guests will be amazed by.

Glass is a beautiful material that is often taken for granted in modern houses. Whatever you decide to do with the glass in your home, these tips will add character without sacrificing space or upkeep.

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