Adam Jablonski for Interior Designs

glass sculpture lapin by Adam Jablonski close up

Whether you are looking to design the interior of your new home, or simply want to redecorate your existing home, it is important to purchase quality decorations for your interior design needs. Hiring an interior designer for your home is very beneficial in multiple ways since interior designers have been specially trained to enhance your home decor. When you’re looking for quality interior decorations, look no further than Adam Jablonski for your interior design needs.

Why Adam Jablonski?

Adam Jablonski is an incredible glass artist who has had years of practice in the field. Not only has his blown glass decorated incredible homes, but his decorations often raise the overall value of the home itself. Recently, Jablonski chose to close his glass studio, leaving only a limited number of his blown glass decorations available. There are so many different brands and types of decorations for your home that it can become overwhelming trying to choose which decorations match perfectly, but Adam Jablonski’s incredible blown glass decorations are always available to take the headache out of designing the inside of your home.

Types of Decorations

There are plenty of different types of decorations to be used around the home. Oftentimes, it is very important to match the colour scheme of a room, and having quality interior decorations of the same colour ensures that your colour schemes will remain intact. From carpets to wall colour and even the type of ceiling fan used every piece of the room adds a little bit more to the atmosphere. Some of the more popular decorations such as art glass bowls and glass blown ornaments fit perfectly into your colour scheme, and choosing decorations such as these adds to the sophistication that a room provides. 

In order to properly match all of the different elements of a room, there is plenty of planning that absolutely must be done. During this planning, consider the empty space that will be in the room, and the different ways of adding to the overall beauty of the room, without looking like you simply stuck an item there. Adam Jablonski’s blown glass ornaments are just the type of decoration needed to ensure that your guests will be marveling at your decorations, rather than gawking at the empty space that seems out of place.

glass sculpture lapin by Adam Jablonski close up

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