Stewart Hearn Glass is highly sought after and Stewart has worked alongside some of the greatest UK glass artists of this generation.

Stewart has been mastering his craft for over 25 years, and now has himself become one of the great panthea of glassmakers.

Revelling in the time-honoured tradition of glassmaking, Stewart blends traditional skills with modern techniques to create stunning hand blown glass art. Stewart’s studio has been the portal for his creative passions and has enabled him to win a host of admirers from around the globe.

Stewart Hearn Glass has been exhibited worldwide. He also has been commissioned to produce awards for many renowned organisations including Blackberry and Anglo American.

Working passionately with every piece he creates, Stewart has an enthusiasm for glass, that combined with his philosophical views, allow him to produce simply stunning glass pieces of the very highest quality. People with exceptional taste have fallen in love with the bold work of this acclaimed British Glass Artist.

Stewart Hearn has also designed awards for numerous organisations; including  Blackberry and Anglo American.

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