Crystal Ornaments

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Gorgeous Crystal Ornaments from an array of versatile European glass artists.
A Crystal ornament offers something special; not only are they imbued with great style and chic good looks they also offer a dazzling light display.
The Lead content of crystal gives the ornaments a radiance that shines brightly in any setting and generates beautiful reflections that catch the eye.
These amazing crystal ornaments will both dazzle and delight wherever you place them as they will shimmer even in the lowest light conditions.
Whether placed in a well lit display cabinet, or given pride of place on a side table, sunny sill or mantel, these pieces will present added glamour to any room.
Translucent clear glass encasing a coloured core means the best of both worlds; with luxurious depth of colouring and great enveloping sheen.
We hope to have crystal ornaments UK made coming soon.