Glass Wall Art

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A fine collection of both blown and fused glass wall art can be found in our Gallery. These luxury glass items have been hand made by some of the world’s leading glass artisans and many can be commissioned to suit your exact needs and tastes.

Some have been hand blown; continually dipped into the fiery glory hole until the final look has been achieved. Others are fused glass wall art that has been heat fused just the right amount to ensure that the item looks picture perfect.

If you see a piece of glass wall art that you would like in a different size or colour please contact us and we will speak to the artist on your behalf. Every piece can be made to order and we can match your interior décor perfectly.

Alternatively, choose from a piece in stock above or choose a piece of commissioned glass wall art with a waiting time. This way, you know the piece has been made especially for you.

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