Blue Glass Ornaments ‘Dizzy Spiral’ by Charlie Macpherson



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Small Dizzy – L 12cn x W12cm x H12cm 
Medium Dizzy – L9cm x W9cm x H 14cm 

Blue Glass Ornaments ‘Dizzy Spiral’ by Charlie Macpherson

Each of these Dizzy Spiral Blue Glass Ornaments will be personally hand made for you by the acclaimed UK glass artist Charlie Macpherson.

These stimulating and aesthetic pieces combine the simplicity of form with more complex lines and patterns to add extra visual stimulation and draw the eye into the piece. Once drawn in, the eye is rewarded with a cornucopia of sensory treats, as form, reflections and shadows compete for the viewers’ attention.

As part of the process, Charlie incorporates cane to add that extra layer of complexity into his glass art. These form the intricate patterns and lines within the blue glass ornaments, which is then polished to perfection and signed by the artist.

Each piece can take up to 12 weeks to produce, so please do not order if you are looking for something in a hurry. Once complete, it will be sent directly to you from the artist’s studio.

The pieces come in two sizes:

Small Dizzy – 8cm High  x  12cm in Diameter – £365
Medium Dizzy – 14cm High  x  9cm in Diameter – £720

If blue is your favourite colour then click HERE for more.

Blue Glass Ornaments Artist

Since graduating in 1999, Charlie Macpherson has become a leading light among British glass artists. Charlie Macpherson Glass has become highly prized and highly collectible. It now graces many fine private and public collections around the world and he has been commissioned by major corporations such as British Gas and Shell, as well as the Royal Horticultural Society.

Charlie Macpherson Art Glass combines beautiful simplicity with complex geometric lines, that gives his glass art the patina of intrigue.

His diametrically opposing style visually seduces the viewer to look closer, and closer again.

Macpherson Glass Art has been exhibited world wide and pieces like these blue glass ornaments are keenly sought after by those who admire virtuosity.

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