Cobalt Blue Ornament by Elena Fleury-Rojo


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Vibrant Blue Beauty


L: 16cm x D: 11cm x H: 16cm
1 kg

Cobalt Blue Ornament by Elena Fleury-Rojo

The fabulous shape of this cobalt blue ornament by Elena Fleury Rojo immediately grabs your attention. Take in the sensational round base and admire the delicate point at the top -like a drop of ink falling into the water.

This cobalt blue ornament forms part of the Aperture Collection. The inspiration behind the collection is the contrast between the fluidity of movement of coral and the stability of its base. The ornament is half sandblasted, giving a fabulous contrast to the highly polished part.

The Aperture collection of hand-blown ornaments are available in a variety of stunning colours. Each piece from the range is handmade and completely unique and complement each other beautifully.

The cobalt blue ornament can certainly hold its own as a standalone piece. Or, you may like to display it with others from the series to create an even greater impact in the room.

Contemporary Glass Ornament Artist

The hugely talented glass artist Elena Fleury-Rojo has exceptional glass blowing and flameworking skills, and her portfolio includes handblown sculptures, glass beads and more. Elena has travelled the world to learn about new glass art techniques and set up her own studio after teaching at the Wanganui Glass School.

Based at her studio in Colchester, England, her glass works are so diverse; ever changing and developing, from organic sculptural pieces to mixed media, to functional pieces with a unique flair.

Her works have been showcased at the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green, Hertfordshire and been met with glowing feedback. Elena produces her increasingly-popular works under the Red Flower Glass brand.

In 2014 Elena was accepted on an internship with James Lethbridge Glass in Belgium where she learned to make organic flowing flameworked chandeliers. Since then Elena has worked on various collections inspired by her love of Nature.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 16 cm


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