Colourful Ornament ‘Balthazar’ by Adam Jablonski


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Graceful glass artwork

L: 28cm x D: 6cm x H: 45cm
3.5 kg

Colourful Ornament ‘Balthazar’ by Adam Jablonski

The ‘Balthazar’ Art Glass Colourful Ornament is a delicate piece of art glass with gracefully lithe contours.

The rich colourful hues are brought out in the superb Polish Glass crystal that it is set in. With its arms raised to the sky your eye wanders up the sumptuous curves of this fantastic objet d’art.

This hand blown colourful ornament will make a great centrepiece or will make a dramatic addition to a large window sill. To really make the best of this piece you will need a large room as it will dominate the space you put it in. Definitely not suitable for ‘compact and bijoux’ apartments!

As it is made with pure Lead Crystal you can put it in the sunlight and enjoy the dazzling displays as the sun moves across the sky. A really enjoyable piece of art glass that will impress your guests every time they visit. Remember, this is your last chance to buy a New piece of Jablonski Art as his studio is now shut.


Colourful Ornament Artist

This hand blown glass ornament is one of the last works completed by the famous Polish Art Glass master; A Jablonski who has since retired.

The Master Glass maker could create any shape in any colour he wanted and has admiring fans right across the world. His great works have been given to visiting Kings, Sheikhs and Presidents and pieces like this colourful ornament can be found in some of the finest art glass collections in the world.

He was the first Eastern Bloc artist to have his work exhibited at the American Corning museum of glass and he also has many glass patents to his name, acquired over the years as both an art glass artists and glass technician.

Over the many decades that we worked, he received a dozen awards from his government for services to the glass industry.

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 6 × 45 cm


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