Decorative Glass Sculptures ‘Capricorn’ by Adam Jablonski



Capricorn Glass Ornaments by Jablonski

L: 20cm x D: 10cm x H: 55cm
4 kg

Decorative Glass Sculptures ‘Capricorn’ by Adam Jablonski

Majestically tall horned Decorative Glass Sculptures ‘Capricorn’ is made by Polish glass master Adam Jablonski.

These gorgeous glass sculptures are perfect for any window sill in your home. Only three left!

Decorative Glass Sculptures are made from pure Polish lead crystal and are available in a variety of colours.
Boha Glass has:

2 x Colourful

1 x Light Blue

Please state your colour preference in the comments box when ordering.

Like a diving bird of prey, these resplendent winged items are of superior quality.

Made of solid Polish Lead Crystal you will not find a finer item to decorate your home or office with. Polish Crystal is highly acclaimed right around the world for its superb clarity and brilliant lustre; even in the lowest lighting conditions.

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Decorative Glass Sculptures Artist

The gorgeous glass art of Adam Jablonski.  Mr Jablonski’s art glass creations have graced some of the world’s premier collections.  His pieces have been given to heads of state as ceremonial gifts.  Many of Poland’s presidents commissioned unique pieces from him that were created to represent the art and beauty of Poland. Wealthy and knowledgeable art glass collectors covet them.  Adam Jablonski’s work has been exhibited all around the world.

Mr Jablonski’s mastery of his craft is the reason why his work is so highly sought after.  His dedication and skill are such that he built his own furnace to heat and temper his creations.  He developed his own methods for creating art glass in every colour conceivable.  He invented the technique of combining molten glass with threads of metal to create glass with superb reflective qualities. Adam Jablonski retired in 2010 after a storied career that lasted nearly sixty years.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 55 cm



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