Designer Ornaments ‘Fiesta’ by Adam Jablonski


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Lively Fiesta Art Glass Ornament

L: 31cm x D: 7cm x H: 35cm
4 kg

Designer Ornaments ‘Fiesta’ by Adam Jablonski

The Jablonski ‘Fiesta’ series of designer ornaments is all sold out except for this very last piece. It is a unique sculpture created by the formidable talents of Polish glass maestro Adam Jablonski.

The signed piece is brimming with bubbles and the light reflects from the glass like the sun off of a pristine, crystal-clear lake. The superb reflective qualities are thanks to the superior Polish Crystal from which it is made, to Jablonski’s own secret recipe that is coveted by many glassmakers around the globe.

Subtle, beautiful curves are melded into the pure Polish Crystal which gives these glass ornaments the brilliant sheen that Jablonski Lead Crystal is famous for.

At the core of the piece is a smooth vaulted space with a dimpled surface set in golden rays of amber, giving the piece lightness and a sumptuous texture.

Prices of Jablonski’s work are shooting up in value and this Fine Art Glass Sculpture and his other works are sought after both for their beauty and as an art investment.

However you come to purchase your first piece of Jablonski, you will be as hooked as we are and will begin to build a magical collection of his world-famous artistry.

Designer Ornaments Artist

Jablonski Glass is a major world figure in the art glass movement, with dozens of awards and many internationally recognised patents to his name.

He spent many decades changing the face of the art of glassmaking before retiring in 2010.

His admirers are legion, and his glass ornaments can be found in the collections of many famous people across the world, including kings and presidents. These majestic glass ornaments were given to visiting dignitaries by the Polish President, who also awarded Adam 12 gold stars during his reign as the leader of the Polish Art Glass movement.

This is the last opportunity to buy the world-famous Jablonski art glass, as Adam has now retired and Boha Glass has bought up the last stock from the Jablonski studio and many independent glass sellers. Buy this last of the crystal glass sculptures today.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 31 × 7 × 35 cm


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