Glass Crystal Ornament ‘Majestic’ by Adam Jablonski


Glass Crystal Sculpture

L: 8cm x D: 8cm x H: 40cm
4 kg

Glass Crystal Ornament ‘Majestic’ by Adam Jablonski

The Cressida Glass Crystal Ornament is a quixotic mix of blue and green. The whole piece is alive with a frisson of amazing colours that cascade down the body of the piece.

Standing 40cm tall, this captivating glass sculpture really makes its presence felt and will make a dramatic statement in any room, whether on its own table or standing on the window sill of a large conservatory.

You will win admiring glances from all your visitors as they soak in the grandeur and beauty of this magical Jablonski piece. It was handmade by him and bears his unmistakable signature.

Remember, Jablonski has retired so this is your last chance to buy a new Jablonski piece of art glass. Once these last few pieces have gone then Jablonski will be purely a second-hand marketplace.

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Glass Crystal Ornament Artist

Adam Jablonski was born on April 29, 1936, in Wilczkowice, Poland. Since very early in his life, glassmaking has been one of his top priorities.

Jablonski takes great pride and passion in every piece of glass he makes, and it is very apparent when observing the beauty and intricacy of his art. He single-handedly created multiple new techniques to improve the manufacture of glass. Not only did he figure out that embedding strings of metal into molten glass vastly improves the reflectiveness, but he also created a method to allow the glass to be made in virtually any colour. In fact, his art has been so impactful and revolutionary that even royalty and presidents have taken his glass into consideration.

He has received a total of 12 gold stars from Polish Presidents. Now that he is in retirement, never will another Glass Crystal Ornament be masterfully created by Jablonski. Owning his work could be a very good long-term investment in the art glass market, especially when buying a New item.


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 40 cm


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