Amber Blue Egg Paperweight
Amber blue egg glass paperweight

Glass Egg Paperweight by Jablonski

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Crystal Egg



Dimensions (L x W x H): 7 x 7 x 13 cm

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Amber Blue Glass Egg Paperweight

The Amber Blue Glass Egg Paperweight is a beautiful little item set in pure 24% Crystal from the world famous Jablonski studio.

The bubble of midnight blue and amber is set deep within the crystal and it shimmers beautifully in the radiant light of the sun.

Each of these pieces has been gently hand blown from the heat of the furnace by master glass artist and technician Adam Jablonski.

When on a mantel or shelf the glass egg still delights in the unnatural light of the home and will even reflect gracefully from the flames in the fireplace.

Glass Egg Paperweight Artist

As a lover of decorative glass, Adam Jablonski will be a name that you have not just heard of but admired for many years. With a career that spanned nearly half a century, Jablonski was born in 1936 in Poland. Working from a furnace that he made himself, his humble beginning soon turned to world wide fame when his collection was the first from the Eastern block of Europe to be displayed at the Corning museum in America.

Many of Jablonski’s works have been sold for vast sums of money to royalty, and many of his masterpieces have been patented. He was the first artist to successfully combine metal threading with glass, creating pieces that sparkled and shone in any colour imaginable. Awarded 12 gold stars during his career by the Presidents of his country, Jablonski’s proudest moments have been when meeting Presidents and royalty, and seeing his collection from Eastern Europe proudly on display in the US.

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Dimensions 7 x 7 x 13 cm


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