Glass Ornament ‘Roadside Trees II’ by Helen Slater


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L: 13cm x D: 5cm x H: 13cm

Glass Ornament ‘Roadside Trees II’ by Helen Slater

A splendid glass ornament by the talented and highly accomplished glass artist Helen Slater. This gorgeous glass ornament ‘Treescape III’ is part of Helen’s Static Snowstorm collection. It contains a copse of beautifully drawn trees set within a clear round glass ornament.

The delicate beauty of the trees combined with the imagery of a snowstorm creates an airy and ethereal piece of glass art.

This astonishing piece of art would look best in a well-lit spot on a windowsill, shelf or mantelpiece.

Glass Ornament Artist

Helen Slater is a professional Glass Artist and Lecturer. She graduated from The Royal College of Art, with a master’s degree in 3D Design: Glass & Ceramics, in 1996. Since then, she has been lecturing and making glass sculpture from her workshop in the Cotswolds. She is currently undertaking a PhD at The Royal College of Art, London.

Helen’s work is predominately figurative. Within her current work, she explores the notion of the environment. This may be her home, public spaces, or the nature of our impact on the environments we encounter. She is particularly interested in our relationship with different places, how we perceive spaces and bring our own personal influence on them. This may be the memories and emotional associations which relate to an event or the physical impact or traces we can leave on these places.

To capture these associations Helen creates glass environments or sculptures that suggest those feelings. The quality of the glass allows Helen to create a sense of captured moments, a nostalgia or recollection of a particular place or setting, giving the works an airy ethereal quality of memories past.

Helen Slater has extensively exhibited her work, both nationally and internationally. In 1997, Helen won the Charlie Bray Award for Glasswork. She also works to public and private commission.


Dimensions 13 × 5 × 13 cm


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