Glass Ornaments by Adam Jablonski


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Jablonski Art Glass Ornaments

L: 10cm x D: 10cm x H: 28cm
2 kg

Glass Ornaments by Adam Jablonski

These Art Glass Ornaments are the very last few made my Adam Jablonski before he closed his glass studio.
All pieces are brand new and boxed and mark the end of an era in Polish glassmaking.

Adam Jablonski Glass Art Ornaments come in a variety of vivid hues.

Only Emerald left in stock

These beautiful pieces make great centrepieces and would enhance any mantelpiece.

Each hand blown glass crystal ornament is personally signed by the artist himself.

As the studio is now closed these pieces will never again come to market and are rocketing in value due to their rarity.

Once these art glass ornaments are sold we will not be able to replace our stock and will be closing our Jablonski shop section down.

All the Jablonski stock we have is online now, apart from a few pieces we are keeping for our own private collection.

If you would like to purchase some beautiful paperweights instead please click the link.


Glass Ornaments Artist

Adam Jablonski was born in 1936 in Poland and was working in the glass industry from 1952 until his retirement in 2011.

His Jablonski Glass studio in Wolka Kowsowska, Poland was highly respected for its innovation in glass. Each of his mouth blown ornaments are composed of 24% lead crystal and are etched with his famous signature.

He is a highly respected crystal glass technologist and holds many international patents in this niche field of glass making.

Instead of following he has always gone his own way. Even building a glass furnace according to his own view of glass technology.

He was also the innovator of adding metal threads into molten glass to produce very exciting new glass metal hybrid pieces.

This new innovative technique is producing light reflections that were unheard of before and are in high demand.

He is the winner of 12 Gold Medals and has won many awards for his glass work, including the golden service cross which was personally presented to him by the Polish President.

Original glass art ornaments signed  by Adam Jablonski are in high demand across the world, even in traditional glass making areas such is his reputation.

His fastidious attention to detail has produced glass art ornaments of almost every colour conceivable.

The American Corning Museum of Glass has amassed quite a large collection of his work and other examples can be seen in Museums across the world.

Jablonski’s glass can be found in the collections of Kings, Prime Ministers and Presidents in Spain, Sweden, Russia, France, and the USA.

If you would like to see more of Adam’s glass work here in our shop then please click his name in the tag cloud to the left.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 28 cm


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