Hand Blown Glass Ornament ‘Allure’ by A. Jablonski


Alluring Art Glass

L: 10cm x D: 10cm x H: 42cm
4 kg

Hand Blown Glass Ornament ‘Allure’ by A. Jablonski

An ‘Apex’ style hand-blown glass ornament with strong arching on the ‘crown’, set in a colourful blend of subtle hues.

This is an exceptionally beautiful piece with bags of charisma and charm that will grace any house in pride of place.

The highly pure Polish crystal will ensure that the ornament looks dazzling in the sunshine and reflects every last morsel of light right around the room. This is a unique piece of object d’Art, hand-made by Adam Jablonski and personally signed by him.

Whether you are a collector or art investor, now that Adam has retired, you can be sure that prices for his artwork, like this hand-blown glass ornament, will continue to rise steadily over the coming months and years.

Not only do you get to enjoy this vibrant artwork, but you can be assured that it will continue to appreciate in value over the years.

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Hand Blown Glass Ornament Artist

Glass technicians know what it takes to get noticed within the glass community itself and especially amongst the general population who usually aren’t too aware of the glamorous beauty of art glass.

A. Jablonski has succeeded in receiving notoriety from both of these communities due to the amazing work he has done and how far he has taken the concept of art glass. Jablonski has filed many glass-related patents which have engendered exciting innovations.

His work has received international acclaim and many art galleries and art museums have exhibited his works, like this amazing glass ornament. His most favoured accomplishment came when the famous Corning Museum of Glass in America took an interest in his glass and began showcasing it.

Multiple Polish prime ministers thought highly of his work and he has been awarded a total of 12 gold stars by them. Although this glass art giant is retired, his passion and pride live on in the amazing glass which remains in collections and on the market.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 42 cm


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