Handmade Glass Ornaments


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Art Deco Style Handmade Glass Ornaments

L: 42cm x D: 8cm x H: 24cm
5 kg

Handmade Glass Ornaments

DECADENT Handmade Glass Ornaments by world-famous glass master Adam Jablonski of Poland.

Jablonski is the first former Eastern Bloc Glass Artist to have his work featured at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Made in deep pink with heady swirls of black this is an amazingly beautiful piece of art glass.

These handmade glass ornaments have a real Art Deco feel to them.

Each one is personally marked and engraved with a signature by the artist and is made of 100% Polish Crystal.

This means that the item will catch and reflect the light superbly and will dazzle in any room.

Of these Art Deco style pieces, there are none left.

As Adam has now gone into retirement they are the very last NEW pieces that will ever come on the market.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity, this is the last chance to purchase the final NEW pieces to ever leave the Jablonski workshop.

We still have a New glass bowl made by Adam Jablonski – a truly stunning piece of glass artistry

Handmade Glass Ornaments Artist

Adam Jablonski has had the honour of being presented with a total of 12 gold stars by the Polish President for his massive contribution to the Polish Glass industry

His glass art creations were given to Kings, Presidents, Sheikhs and other dignitaries when they visited Poland by the Polish President as an exemplar of some of the stunning Glass being produced in Poland by homegrown artists.

Adam Jablonski has not only earned a reputation as an internationally acclaimed glass artist, he is a highly respected glass technician with many patents under his belt.

One of his creations was to combine metal threads with molten shards of glass to create a metal glass infusion that has superb reflective qualities. The sheen is so good it could even give these fine Polish Crystal Glass ornaments a run for their money.

His work is found in great art collections all over the globe and now that he has retired his work is shooting up in value.

NEW Handmade Glass ornaments are becoming extremely rare and soon the Jablonski Glass market will be purely a second-hand affair.

For a wide choice of tall elegant glass see our tall vase page.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 8 × 24 cm


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