House Ornament ‘Miro’ by Adam Jablonski


Surrealist Art Glass

L: 34cm x D: 7cm x H: 30cm
4 kg

House Ornament ‘Miro’ by Adam Jablonski

‘Miro’ House Ornament by Adam Jablonski is a stylish, surrealist inspired piece of glass art that is elegantly understated.

House ornament is the perfect centrepiece for your home. Be quick because just only one left in stock!

Even though the colours are strong and deep, they are softened by a subtle screen of bubbles at the base and the top ‘arms’ of the piece are mostly clear Lead crystal with a few wisps of gentle colouring.

The curves of the piece are soft and relaxing, like a wave lapping upon a soft sandy beach. It catches the light well and softly reflects it into the room.

An item like this will work well in a white or pastel room and would be perfect for a conservatory. It is too understated for a room with loud decor.

Sadly, this is the last NEW piece of Jablonski glass as he has now retired.

House Ornament Artist

Adam Jablonski was born in Wilczkowice, Poland on April 29, 1936.

He is an art glass artist and certified glass technologist with a diploma in glass technology who has been working with glass since 1952.

Adam Jablonski is the glass artist who produced this and many other beautiful glass ornaments that are featured on this website.

As well as a highly acclaimed glass artist, he was also a glass technician and invented my new glass techniques. He also filed numerous patents over the decades that he was working in the glass-making business.

The wealthy and elite of the world are big collectors of his work and many Heads of State, Presidents and Kings have Jablonski artwork in their collections.

Jablonski is the first former Eastern Bloc glass artist to have his work exhibited at the world-famous Corning Museum of Glass and he has been awarded 12 gold stars in his Polish homeland.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 34 × 7 × 30 cm


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