Silver Perfume Bottle ‘Veil’ by Robert Burch


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Iris-like perfume bottle

L: 8cm x D: 5cm x H: 14cm
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Silver Perfume Bottle ‘Veil’ by Robert Burch

The ‘Veil’ Glass Silver Perfume Bottle is like looking deep into the most bewitching eye. It is iris-like in its construction, formed from delicate strands that are swirled together with a wave of silver.

The face of the piece is rounded with a flattened front and back giving an elegantly trim shape to the piece.

Within the mottled web of cream, strands are star clusters of dark and electric blue, a tincture of yellows and all weaved together with a swirling creamy solar storm.

An phenomenal piece that will be adored by all who see it. It has even torn our heartstrings and we may just have to keep one of these majestic items for ourselves.

As always, the piece has been hand-blown by the artist himself and is personally signed.

The photos we took of the silver perfume bottle came out very well, so you can really see what the glass perfume bottle is like. Every time the light changes, the piece changes too – like a glass chameleon.

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Silver Perfume Bottle Artist

Robert Burch has been blowing glass since 1971, his work being on the show to the public since 1977. Originally a potter, Robert now concentrates his enthusiasm and passion on glass-blown ornaments, sculptures, perfume bottles, and paperweights that all incorporate bubbles of the silver vein.

Burch fell in love with the art of glass blowing on a trip to North Carolina back in the 1960s. He became instantly mesmerised by the site of a glassblower whilst on a trip to Penland School of Arts and Crafts. The glassblower he came across in the woods of North Carolina inspired him to go forward and open his own studio in a 200-year-old barn that is still his home today.

Switching from pottery to glass blowing, Robert continued to learn the delicate art whilst teaching it at Goddard College. To date, Robert Burch Glass has produced more than 10,000 pieces of individually blown glass and supplies more than 200 shops throughout America. Working from the same studio he erected in 1978, Robert’s love for glass blowing has never dwindled, his relationship with the art fulfilling and intimate and allowing him to express himself through the unique and intricate pieces he creates.


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 14 cm


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