Ammonite Sculpture ‘Storm UV’ by Jaroslav Prošek


Fossil Sculpture
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L: 34cm x D: 33cm x H: 6.5cm
8.5 kg

Ammonite Sculpture ‘Storm UV’ by Jaroslav Prošek

Ultra-violet ammonite sculpture that is understated during the day and then comes alive when the lights dim.

Blending fine Bohemian crystal with uranium glass, this elegant piece has all the finesse you would expect from a 200 million year old sea creature.

Prošek has styled it in a way where the surface is smoothly polished, but still evokes a real sense of this ancient cephalopod, with the carefully crafted, ribbed underlayer.

A wonderful centrepiece that can make a real statement in your living room.

Ammonite Sculpture Artist

Jaroslav Prošek Glass Artist from Beroun, in the Czech Republic. He works in Česká Lípa in Northern Bohemia; the heart of the Czech glass industry, and has been the heart for many hundreds of years.

His main work is in creating unique fine art glass sculptures, but he is also a mixed media sculptor and will also utilise the properties of wood, marble or stainless steel to create his sculptures.

Prošek’s journey into the world of glass was an epic one. It was only after secondary school that Jaroslav began his interest in design. His first foray was while working for big Czech glass factory technical departments, where he helped fix product design issues and improved his hands-on experience with the glass medium.

He moved on to more artful settings, where he learned under the tutelage of Vlastimil Beránek and Jan Frydrych as an understudy at their atelier studios.

Prošek began working at a small luxury sculpture and chandelier company and began looking at work as something that was not only well-made but also pleasing to the eye.

In 2010, he began making his own works of art using optical glass and crystal glass, that were both finely constructed and aesthetically pleasing.

His work has won him legions of admirers, and he was voted one of the Top 100 Artists of Europe by the Michael Angelo Foundation.

His work draws heavily on his love for the sea, and he was selected to create the 2019 ‘Blue Ocean Award’ glass trophy, which rewards companies for implementing the Blue Ocean strategy.

Jaroslav Prošek glass artist uses a multitude of techniques, including cast glass moulds, grinding, polishing, and engraving, to create his highly sought-after glass sculptures.

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 33 × 6.5 cm


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