Blue Glass Sculptures ‘Stork’ by Adam Jablonski


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Glass Sculpture by Jablonski

L: 28cm x D: 7cm x H: 45cm
5 kg

Blue Glass Sculptures ‘Stork’ by Adam Jablonski

Like a vivid piece of glacial blue ice, these majestic blue glass sculptures are truly awe-inspiring.

Standing proudly at 45cm tall, these objects D’art are more powerful than the glass ornaments.

They are made of pure Polish glass crystal and so have superb reflective qualities that we have come to expect.

These are the last five blue glass sculptures produced by Adam Jablonski before he retired and the price of Jablonski glass on the open market continues to rise, making them both beautiful and a worthy long term investment in art.

Once these last five are gone we will no longer be able to replace our stock.

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Blue Glass Sculptures Artist

These glass sculptures are the work of Adam Jablonski the most esteemed glass maker in all of Poland.

With worldwide acclaim, this man has single-handedly managed to reinvent glassmaking in his own image.

He is the winner of 12 gold medal awards in national and international exhibitions, a gold medal awarded by the Central Association of Artistic Crafts of Poland in recognition of his achievements.

Also in his award collection id, the Golden Distinguished Service Cross presented by the President of the Republic of Poland and two certificates from the Minister of Culture and Art in Poland.

His masterful pieces are exported to 18 countries around the world.

He has spent almost five decades at the glass furnace, turning out the glass in whichever colour he wished.

Not only a superb artist but also a fine glass technician with over a dozen patents registered in his name.

One of his many creations was the technique of blending molten glass and metal together to create highly reflective glass with superb iridescence. This glass technique is still in its infancy and many glass artists are beginning to explore this technique further.

Sadly, Adam Jablonski is no longer working, but he has left a lasting legacy to the worldwide glassmaking industry.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 7 × 45 cm


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