Contemporary Sculptures ‘Flail’ by Karlin Rushbrooke


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27 × 65 × 55 cm
20 kg

Contemporary Sculptures ‘Flail’ by Karlin Rushbrooke

One of Karlin Rushbrooke’s contemporary sculptures. An unusual combination of regimented squares of glass, threaded with purple tubes.

This piece makes a bold statement and will dominate the space it is given. A great fit for a large living room side table or in the boardroom.

Made using an assemblage of blown and float glass elements, to create this quixotic piece.

Please Note: All contemporary sculptures are partly free blown so images and sizes are approximations.

Contemporary Sculptures Artist

Karlin Rushbrooke Glass Artist and Designer was born in Bromsgrove, near Birmingham in 1944.

In the mid to late sixties he studied Glass and ceramics at Stourbridge College of Art and Design. When the small furnaces were introduced from America in the late sixties, Karlin was one of the first glass makers to set up their own studio in the early seventies. Karlin Rushbrooke Glass was born in 1973 and he never looked back.

In 1973-1974 Karlin began teaching glass at Manchester Polytechnic before relocating to Herefordshire in 1974. He became an established figure in the British Glass world and was made Chairman of British artists in glass in 1979. The same year he began teaching glass at Bristol Polytechnic (1979-1982) At the same time he helped his wife Greta set up a Waldorf Kindergarten, which is now a thriving Steiner Academy with over 300 children.

Karlin has spent is professional life divided between building and glass. He said “I have been a glass blower and a builder for the last forty odd years. Now winding down the building but building up the glass. Strong simple shapes with presence is my goal. Given sizes are average as all my glass is free blown.

His glass is exhibited in some of the country’s finest collections, including British Craft Council, Victoria and Albert, Manchester City Art Galleries, Dudley Glass Museum, Dan Klein Collection, Nature in Art, Gloucestershire and Shipley Art Gallery.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 27 × 65 × 55 cm


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