Modern Sculpture ‘Autumn II’ by Charlie Macpherson


Exquisite Art

L: 46cm x D: 20cm x H: 18cm

Modern Sculpture ‘Autumn II’ by Charlie Macpherson

This stunning evocation of autumn – Modern Sculpture ‘Autumn II’ by Charlie Macperson is a lithe, beautifully worked art glass sculpture. It’s perfect curves and smooth finish are the result of perspiration and dedication of time over time in front of a molten furnace.

Now cooled and placid, this modern sculpture is ready to win you a legion of admirers. Wherever you place this sculpture, you will be turning heads and building kudos with friends or clients.

This exceptional piece will be a prized possession for many years to come and will make a solid art investment for the future, as Charlie Macpherson becomes more and more collectible. Now is your chance to own something exceptional.

Modern Sculpture Artist

Charlie Macpherson began his professional career after finishing his glass training at Sunderland University in 1999. His stellar rise is due to the high-calibre work he produces and he has won many admirers wherever he exhibits around the world.

As well as taking on commissions for the Prince’s Trust and the Royal Horticultural Society, Charlie has produced commissions for Shell, British Gas, Anglo American and Standard Life. Though, there is nothing standard about his mesmerising artwork and it can be found in some of the most admired private and public collections in Great Britain.

Charlie Macpherson Art Glass is in very high demand and these superbly finished contemporary art glass pieces will be the highly prized antiquities of the future. Not only do you get to enjoy this glass art, as you do, is should continue to rise in value and provide a good long term art investment.

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Dimensions 46 × 20 × 18 cm


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