Bohemian Glass Combed Vase by Daniel Stepanek


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Bohemian Glass Vase

L: 13cm x D: 10cm x H: 13cm
0.6 kg

Bohemian Glass Combed Vase by Daniel Stepanek

Combed Hand Blown Bohemian Glass Vase with silver tones of blue, plum and chocolate.

This modern example of a  glass vase by Daniel Stepanek is deliciously full-bodied and rich in colour.

A curvaceous delight with a very retro combed effect that is a sumptuous match to the metallurgy in the glass coloration.

Each of the pieces is personally signed by the artist and they truly are an absolute treasure.

The metallic allure of this combed Art Glass Vase ensures it catches your attention even in the lowest of light and will not be lost in a subtly lit living room.

It has an allure that attracts the eye from across a room and works strikingly well in a bookcase or on a mantel.

We have only a few of these pieces left and are unlikely to be able to obtain any more of this particular Glass Vase as Daniel tends to change his style regularly and never produces the same pieces in large numbers.

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Bohemian Glass Artist

Daniel Stepanek is a real artistic treasure of Eastern Europe.

With a highly regarded glass studio in the Czech Republic he produces this amazing Glass Vases of superb quality.

He has garnered a well-deserved reputation of producing some exceptionally stunning glass artistry.

From traditional wheel cut Bohemian Crystal to stylish modern pieces with a retro feel, his work is adored far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

Although we tend to concentrate on bringing modern glass artistry to our clients we really admire the fine quality of his cut and etching in his traditional Bohemian Glass crystal.

To see more of his work, please click on his name in the tag cloud to the left.

This amazing Glass Vase from Daniel Stepanek is a real artistic gem.

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 13 cm


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